May 16th 2009

Brett Constantine and Jenny Boas are


Welcome to our wedding site! This is still a work in progress, so be sure to check back for new updates! Tip: click on the photos to see them full size!

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Find out what to wear to the wedding.
Information about the potluck and concert the night before.
We're playing games at the wedding!

Jenny and Brett in the winter time

October 6 2008

Today was our year and a half anniversary. It was a cool fall day, and despite our full work scheules, we met up for lunch at Paul and Elizabeth's, one of our favorite restaurants in Northampton. We stopped by a jeweler to ask questions about engagement rings, and then we took a walk in Childs Park. While walking, Brett mentioned that he thought it had been a great year and a half and he said that he wanted to spend another year and a half together. I agreed. Later, in a sunny field, while we were both giggly, he said, "You know how I said another year and a half would be great? Well, I want to spend more than another year and a half together: Will you marry me?" I smiled and giggled some more and said "Yes!" Jenny and Brett

November 16 2008

I spent a week in Florida visiting with my parents, Toby, Amber and Scott. Mama and I spent some time talking about wedding plans and going over ideas. I ate a lot of fruit while I was home and brought back as much as I could carry.

November 23 2008

While I was in Florida, the jeweler who was making my engagement ring had finished, and it had arrived at the
Don Muller Gallery in town. When I got home, Brett asked me to marry him again, this time getting down on one knee, with a beautiful engagement ring. I said yes, again.

December 2 2008

We made up Save-The-Date cards and ordered them!!

December 31 2008

We mailed the Save-The-Date cards!!

February 7th 2009

Selena, Jim, Guy, Brett and I spent the day in Leyden, making beautiful paste paintings on paper with Kathy. We will use the paper we made to fold into little boxes as part of the wedding favors! It was lots of fun.

February 28th 2009

We decided on a caterer for the wedding!

March 3rd 2009

The Invitations are sent!!

March 26th 2009

Jim sent in his application for a one-day marriage license. Yay!!

March 27th 2009

This morning before Brett biked to work, we stopped by the City Hall and applied for our certificate of marriage. The ladies at the City Hall were really sweet, and both Brett and I were pretty excited! It's starting to feel like we're really getting married soon!

April 3rd 2009

We updated our Gifts page, adding a small registry, two charities and some other gift suggestions.

May 9th 2009

Everything seems to be falling nicely into place! Jim received his official paperwork, we have our rings ready to go, we have our paperwork, we finally know what Brett will be wearing, and many other details have been worked out. There are still many small but important things to do, but we have good support from you all and we are in high spirits.

Jenny and Brett in the winter time

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