Jennifer Leaf Boas

Jenny was born on January 21st 1981. She lived on Cape Cod when she was very little and then her family moved to Florida. Growing up in Florida was a lot of fun. It was warm most of the time and she and her brothers and sister spent most of their childhood days playing outside, riding bikes, swimming in the lake, exploring the woods and playing in the mud. Jenny was a kind, quiet child, always wanting things to be fair, often playing the role of peacemaker when someone's feelings got hurt at a game of tag. From an early age, she was very curious about the way things worked, and would often take apart her toys (or the VCR) to see what was inside. She usually put them back together again.

Growing up in a family where both parents juggled and held yearly juggling festivals, Jenny learned how to juggle shortly after she learned to ride the unicycle around the age of 10. She still loves to juggle, a part of her life that she is so thankful to share with Brett.

When she got a little older, she and her brother Timmy traveled together a couple times a year to Vermont, where they went to an outdoors wilderness adventure homeschool camp, called Hulbert. She met lots of wonderful kids at Hulbert and they became close friends, giving Jenny even more reasons to visit the New England area frequently throughout her teen years.

Often throughout Jenny's childhood her family piled into the camper and took long road trips to amazing parts of the country. They stopped at National Parks, U-pick fruit and berry farms, to swim and play in hotsprings, or to collect rocks and shells at the oceans along the way. When Jenny was 20 years old, she and her friend Daisy took a road trip (Jenny's first without her family) around the country to see where the best spot to live was. They explored the Oregon coast, the deserts and cactus-filled mountains in Arizona, and the small towns and large cities in California. They had some wonderful adventures in their three-month-trek around the USA, but in the end, they found themselves in New England.