Brett Israel Constantine

Brett Israel Constantine was born on Sunday, October 19, 1980. A playful and creative child with a stubborn streak, he showed an early hunger for books as soon as he learned to read. One of his most vivid memories from his first few years of school comes from the day he was taken to the ER for a cut on the bridge of his nose. While at the doctor, he mentioned he was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, which impressed the doctor. He remembers that conversation more than the medical treatment.

Between Brett's love of reading and the complete lack of live television in his home, he grew up with a large vocabulary and the ability to easily entertain himself. He spent his days playing the yard, helping in his parents' large gardens, exploring the surrounding woods, or playing by the river. Summers were glorious as he grew older because not only was the best swimming spot on the Green River right by his house, but many of his friends would show up (with a parent) at the river to swim and play. Summer mornings were spent waiting for the first friend to arrive. As much time as possible was spent in and around the water. Sometimes hours were passed simply jumping off rocks into the water, but more often a tennis ball was all the equipment needed to make things terrifically exciting. Brett would have to be pried away when (suddenly!) it was time for dinner.

From as far back as he can recall, Brett has felt baseball is 'in his blood.' Born and raised in Red Sox Nation, he grew up listening to the games on the radio with his family. He has learned more little baseball facts than many of his peers, but he still would have a long, long way to go to know more baseball trivia than his dad. As a kid, Brett would "quiz" his dad on batting champions, World Series winners (and losers) from a century of history listed in the World Almanac, and he loved every minute of it. Brett played baseball for town/school teams for about seven years, and has some wonderful memories from those years, including playing with future pro Bradley Baker, winning several championships, and several personal defensive gems. I'm sure if you ever asked him for a game of catch or batting practice, he'd jump at the chance!

Somewhere in his youth, Brett discovered that he loved games. That love of games has only strengthened over time, and now he boasts a collection of more than 90 games of all kinds. In the past few years, he has focused some of his game love on becoming an intermediate competitive SCRABBLE(r) player. Now he knows words like EOLIAN, and he knows that you can hook an A on to make an alternate spelling: AEOLIAN. He attends a few tournaments each year, and has taken to running a few as well. But, at the heart of even this crazy pasttime is Brett's simple love of play, something he shares effortlessly with Jenny.

These days, Brett works at a private Waldorf school in Hadley, MA. He teaches 8th Grade Math and directs the after-school program there. He loves working with the kids because they always keep things interesting! He bikes to work most days, in all the seasons, and then takes bike trips in the summers.