We are so thankful to have all of you in our lives. Your presence alone is a great honor. We are very excited to share our big day with you!

If you choose to give a gift above and beyond your love and support, below is a small registry, two charities we care about supporting and a few other suggestions for gifts.


Crate & Barrel


MassBike is an organization that we are very interested in. MassBike is involved in advocacy and was instrumental in the creation of the bill that became law earlier this year: The Bicyclist Safety Law. When Brett bikes to work, he uses trails that were formed thanks in part to MassBike.

Donate to MassBike!

CET (the Center for Ecological Technology) is a local non-profit in Northampton working to make homes and businesses more energy efficient and sustainable.

Donate to CET!


Other gift suggestions include bookshelves, plants & flowers, camping gear, or even games! If you can't decide on a particular item or want to contribute towards a larger item, we've provided links to buy gift cards for these catagories.

We would love gifts of any kinds of perennial flowers/plants for our yard and garden! Some of our favorites are peonies, irises, and all types of daisies. We also like bulbs such as daffodills, tulips, hyacinths, and Glory-of-the-Snow. If you would prefer to get a gift card we suggest White Flower Farm.

We love to spend lots of time outside hiking, biking, camping and playing in all seasons! Gift cards to REI would be great!

If you are worried about duplicating a game we already have, gift cards from the web site Thought Hammer would help us to expand our board game collection!