Our Story

The very first time we met was in January of 2000. We were both attending a home-schooler's retreat weekend. We probably said 'hello' to each other, but neither of us remember the other.

About four years later, we met again. Brett was regularly attending meetings of the UMass Juggling Club and Jenny sometimes came to juggle, too. Since both were living in Northampton, Brett often came over to Jenny's appartment for weekly game nights and we eventually started talking and hanging out together.

Later, after Brett had moved to Exeter, NH, we really started to get to know each other. Jenny drove three hours to Exeter for game nights and stayed over on the couch. We started going to festivals together for juggling. We shared music and good times. Our friendship was so easy and fun. Friends kept asking why we weren't together. We thought about it, but ingnored them, and we continued to grow closer. After a while it seemed that everyone knew that we were great for each other, and even we had to admit that it seemed like a good idea to become a couple. We officially started dating on April 6, 2007.